Wednesday, 19th September

Peer Gynt, GrieghallenStormkast 2018

Welcome to the machine economy

We are at the treshold of a new economy where machine make decision, where data flows in realtime and transactions happing in the nano scale. What are the industrial consequences?

Organisation 4.0

Technology has transformed business models in many sectors. Now the organisational models are being challenged. Is the middle man dead? How should established organisations change to keep productive and be able to innovate?

Does the future belong to the crowd?

Crowd funding is a new path to get funding for new innovations. Crowd equity is a new way to get fundet. Will the winners of tomorrow be the companies owned by the many and not the few?


Duration: 08:00 - 16:00


Confirmed speakers

Siri Kalvig

Trimming the public sector, reducing corporate taxes and removing the role of government from the economy – the policy recipe for creating a dynamic, innovative economy, right? “Absolutely not!” says Mariana Mazzucato, the world’s foremost expert on policy innovation and public/private sector partnerships focused on 21st century missions

Camilla Andersson

Ragnhild Janbu Fresvik

Hans Kristian Aas

Inger G. Stensaker

Inger G. Stensaker is a professor of strategic change at the Norwegian School of Economics.

Anders Paulsen

Anders Paulsen is one of the most visionary and creative engineers in Western Norway. He leads research and digital innovation at Rolls Royce, and is a partner of the digital idea collective Drain. He has been a key player in developing digital solutions for autonomous ships and new maritime maintenance solutions.

Tanja Knabenschuh Hoel

Working as CTO in Microsoft Norway. He works across public and private sectors. Rana is passionate about how businesses and government agencies can use technology to realize their visions. He is in first-hand knowledge of how Norwegian companies conduct digital transformation, and how this affects not only technology choices, but also business models and organizations as a whole.

Anders Waage Nilsen

Anders Waage Nilsen is a norwegian technology writer, media entrepreneur and digital design strategist. He is one of the co-founders of Stormkast. He will present Stormvarsel - the annual technology forecast opening the conference and also facilitate conversations during the conference.

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Hanne Wetland