Tuesday, 18th September – Wednesday, 19th September

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Confirmed companies

Bergen Næringsråd

Bergen Næringsråd is the largest industry organization in the Bergens region with over 3000 members, which combined represent more than 100,000 employees.


Knowit is a consulting company that creates unique values for customers by offering digital and cross-border solutions in three business areas: Experience, Insight and Solutions. What separates us from other consulting companies is our ability to combine competence in design and communication, management consulting and IT.


Counseling, Auditing, Accounting and Legal Assistance. We help public and private businesses achieve their goals and we want them to succeed. Both locally and internationally.

GCE Subsea

GCE Subsea strengthens innovation and internationalisation of the Norwegian subsea cluster. GCE Subsea is an industry driven initiative for strengthening and internationalisation of businesses, research and education. We represent the world’s most complete cluster for subsea life-of-field solutions. Our goal is to increase the cluster’s competitiveness and global market share, and take a leading position in sustainable utilisation of ocean resources.

Maritime Bergen

Maritime Bergen will be an active driver in the effort to visualize, promote and strengthen the entire maritime industry in the Bergens region.

NCE Seafood Innovation

The Seafood Innovation Cluster AS obtained NCE status in 2015 and has developed into the most complete and mature cluster in the seafood industry with 90 partners representing 15.000 highly skilled employees. The cluster is located at Marineholmen in Bergen.

NCE Maritime Cleantech

NCE Maritime CleanTech (NCE MCT) represents one of the world’s most complete maritime commercial hubs. Our cluster organisation uses the Norwegian maritime expertise, built up over generations, as a springboard for the development of new energy-efficient and environmental friendly technologies. We focus on establishing sustainable innovation projects with commercial potential, and work together for new clean maritime solutions.


Haltenbanken is a design agency with dedicated and curious designers. We create added value for our customers and clients through finding and clarifying their identities. Overall experience ranges from interior design, textiles, text work, web, tv graphics and all printed matter. We follow the process from concept / idea preparation to production. The goal is design that engages, informs and inspires.


We at M'Labs are focused on innovation and operate in the space between traditional development and design agencies. Having worked with clients of all sizes we are not shy to take on a challenge. We have a cross-cultural team of designers and developers that shines when we are able to work multidisciplinary, creating digital solutions with the user in mind. In the end, all we want to do is to create with a purpose.


Itera is a specialist in creating digital business, with communication, technology and innovation as core competency tools.


We solve digital everyday problems!

Human Innovation

Human Innovation is an interdisciplinary cluster that uses design-driven innovation methodology to create more sustainable societal and business development. In Human Innovation we work for design to become a mindset and that designers will become strategic and self-employed sparring partners, which help create real competitive advantages for our largest industries.

Finance Innocation

Finance Innovation is an association and innovation cluster of banks, financing companies, insurance companies, tech companies and educational and research institutions working on the financial services and solutions of tomorrow.

Connect Vest

Connect Vest has worked for the last 17 years to strengthen the business community in Western Norway by contributing to growth, innovation and a flourishing entrepreneurial environment.


The goal of Dealflow is to be the country's most effective link between companies that need funding and people who want to become co-owners in exciting growing businesses. As we are completely digital and self-serviced, we can offer efficient solutions at a low cost.


Etablerersenteret arranges courses and provides advice to entrepreneurs and start-ups. Need help getting started with your business idea or developing an established business? We have broad experience in business planning.

First Tuesday

First Tuesday in Bergen is Vestland's largest network for the entrepreneur and IT environment. It's an informal network that consists of people who benefit from each other's skills.


Andreas Gravdal from Bergen, is the man behind Anticoach. He has not won an olympic gold medal, crossed the North Pole or climbed Mount Everest. He is a self-taught guy who for 20 years has conveyed his ideas and thoughts about life through lectures, conversations, books and art. Everything done in a relaxed style, with humor and a satirical approach. "You do not need more success. You need substance, meaning, direction and most of all: The feeling of being good enough without always being the best. "

Norsk klimastiftelse

The Norwegian climate change foundation is Norway's green think-tank. We spread knowledge and ideas to a wide audience about climate change and climate solutions. The goal is a society without the emission of man-made greenhouse gases. The climate foundation believes in openness and cooperation. In the foundation's formal network are the country's foremost universities, colleges and research centers.

Ungt Entreprenørskap


Speaklab entrepreneurs Arne Møller and Siri Lill Mannes runs a training institute for oral dissertation and presentation. Everyone talks - but how do you make people listen to YOU? Speaklab combines knowledge from journalism, voice research, dramaturgy and movement theory in their courses.


Bergen.Works is a co-working space created by and for businesses that are dedicated to innovation and are ready to grow. We’re a community of businesses that found each other in a shared office space at Nøstekaien. We quickly found out that even though our professional fields were different, we had a lot to gain from talking with and inspiring each other. It didn’t take long for us to start coming up with ideas on how we could work together to create innovative solutions, services and products.


Silje M. Engja Sigurdsen is an art historian and has previously worked as an art critic for Bergens Tidende and Aftenposten. She is currently running KUNZT.no.


bGreen is a new green industry cluster in Bergen, focusing on collecting companies that work on green energy and technology activities, or which work in a different way to reduce fossil emissions. Our goal is to drive green innovation, green growth and green jobs.


(Bergen) - We are the world's first accelerator program focused on the aquaculture industry seeking to find, develop and scale talented and disruptive aquaculture startups. We believe in an aquaculture industry capable of sustainable growth to meet global demand.


(Bergen/USA) - Aquabyte combines software expertise from Silicon Valley with farming expertise from Norway to make it more efficient, sustainable and profitable. We use machine learning and data view to create systems that allow breeders faster access to more accurate information about the fish. Among other things, we do this by automatically measuring biomass, number of lice, and dispersion in individual size.

Pina Kingman Studios

(Canada/Bergen) - I use animation and design to tell stories about science and technology. A new technology needing investors? A research breakthrough needing to be shared? A new app needing a how-to video? A new company needing promotion? A bright idea needing to be explained? I can make your story come to life!

Stacc X

(Bergen/USA) - The Stacc X mission is to create world-class customer experiences in the financial sector. What makes you unique should be reflected in every interaction with your users – all the way down to the tiniest details. But you have to move fast, and keep changing. The X-factor in short: Crossdiciplinary team. Industry experience. Attention to detail. Frontend superpowers. Superfast process.


(Bergen/USA) - We're creating a digital health management platform to accelerate the resource sharing between aquaculture farms to better treat, manage, and prevent health outbreaks. Our product aggregates information from various sources both public and private to provide the industry with the data and insights in real-time, allowing our customers to make crucial, time-sensitive and cost saving decisions for their operation.


(Bergen) - TBA

Westcon Olvondo


NårgeSol designs and develops 'solar curtain', a shading system with an integrated energy design. The solution would increase building self-sufficiency and offer glazed skyscrapers opportunities to produce renewable energy by activating window facade. The solar curtain would harness both solar energy along with indoor light source, offering a circular solution for buildings. NårgeSol is also one of the finalists for SPIR-prisen 2018!

Moving Mamas

(Oslo) - Moving Mamas is a social entrepreneur for and with immigrant women who want to work and create their own income. We create value through the development of products and new services that suit our Mamas´ resources and expertise. We create social value through the development of people and opportunities. We work closely with customers and partners who share our vision: Opportunities, Income and Labor - for all women.

Think Outside

(Bergen) - Dingo is the first wearable avalanche risk assessment tool for the mass market. Dingo digitally measures a full snow profile including weak layers and snow depth as well as slope gradient and applied forces. This technology will keep skiers constantly informed about the snow conditions under them, no matter their location. Combining weather data, avalanche forecasts and crowd sourced data from the Dingo community will create the most accurate and up to date avalanche risk information on the market.


(Oslo) - FundingPartner allows small and medium-sized businesses to borrow money directly from Norwegian lenders.

Ocean Snacks

(Bergen) - Ocean Snacks AS aims to create exciting tasting experiences of various residues from the aquaculture industry, initially salmon skin.


(Bergen) - TBA

More Anergy


(Trondheim) - TBA


(Florø) - Evoy will disrupt the boat industry by offering clean, silent, reliable and affordable full-electric propulsion systems. Evoy will firstly focus on inboard installations for fast boats and the range will be good enough for 60 - 70 % of boat trips done in Norway. World-Class App User Interface and plug-and-play readiness offers new and existing boatowners the peace of mind they should have exploring the blue. Prototype ready in 2018 and product for the market in 2019. Help us turn the tide on marine pollution and get on board!


(Bergen) - Crescat is a network-based production platform for concerts, conferences and events. With intuitive, user-friendly and simplistic solutions, we provide a tool for your entire production, regardless of size and type.


(Bergen) - TBA


Ceobas makes the impossible possible! With Ceobas ballast system, ships can cross the ocean without carrying ballast. Ships are currently required to clean the ballast, but these methods do not work - they pollute the air more than they clean the ballast water. Ballast water is one of today's largest spreader of undesirable and harmful microorganisms, algae, crab and fish larva. Ceobas is 100% environmentally friendly.

Digitalt Regn

(Bergen) - is an IoT company that supplies products and services to help businesses quickly gain insight into their own data.


(Selje) - TBA

X-Wheel Technology

(Oslo) - TBA